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You no doubt already know what a well designed and maintained landscape can do for your commercial or residential property, but are you getting all that you can out your landscape if it’s not properly lit? We regret to inform you that if you haven’t invested in landscape lighting, only half of your landscape’s value-boosting potential has been tapped.

There are a ton of benefits you can expect to reap once you invest in landscape lighting, namely safety and security. When your commercial or residential property is covered in darkness, the chances of someone missing a step or tripping over something decorative and hurting themselves is high. Providing visitors and residents with the necessary light to see their surroundings lowers the chances of injury and increases safety. And when you eliminate dark pockets in a yard or green space, doing away with any potential hiding spots, you can deter people from trespassing or loitering on your property.

Now, these are obviously two very practical benefits of investing in landscape lighting, but don’t forget the esthetic value outdoor lighting can add. There are a number of different lighting techniques that can be applied to your property to create a nighttime scene that looks like it should be on a canvas in a museum rather than exist in real life.

Of course, the only way to reap the many benefits of landscape lighting is to find experienced, licensed and insured electrical contractors who can design, install and maintain these types of systems. If you want to work with landscape lighting experts that are both affordable and highly recommended by commercial and residential clients all over the area, get in touch with Andee's Electric LLC today.

Andee's Electric LLC has completed hundreds of outdoor lighting installations and we are ready to start collaborating on a design to perfectly accent your home or business today.

Dos and Don’ts of Landscape Lighting

Before you call Andee's Electric LLC to start planning your outdoor lighting system, let us review some of the basic principles of landscape lighting to help you form an idea that’s both practical and beautiful.


  • Use a variety of intensities throughout the property to give a sense of texture and depth.
  • Think about shadow as well as light because the interplay between the two elements is an essential part of creating atmosphere.
  • Choose LED lights for your landscape lighting because they offer an extremely long service life.


  • Don’t only light walkways, patios and trees. Doing so can isolate these elements and surround them in an eerie darkness, which can make it difficult to unwind after a long day at work and can also invite vandals towards your commercial building.
  • Don’t under-light landscaping features. Using one light to illuminate trees, lawn statues or water features causes harsh shadows that won’t create your desired ambiance.


Safety and security are two fundamental applications for exterior lighting. They are comparable in nature, so the same lighting fixtures can often accomplish similar purposes. For instance, security lighting helps reduce home invasions and vandalism. Safety lighting protects homeowners and their guests from injuries caused by trips and falls in places that are not well lit. Landscape lighting is one of the most significant improvements that you can make to your home, regardless of its shape, size, or elevation. At Andee's Electric LLC, we offer complete landscape lighting design solutions to add beauty and security to any home.

Our dedicated team of professionals provides outstanding customer service and superior craftsmanship. You will find the quality and expertise you have been searching for when it comes to custom landscape lighting.


Yard lights used for security lighting are available for purchase from various electric or home improvement companies. They are usually mounted on tall posts to brighten large areas. They can also be installed on taller buildings. The lamp choices are commonly high-intensity discharge fixtures, and may be either metal halide or high-pressure sodium bulbs. The metal halide bulbs emit a soft blue or white light while the HPS bulbs will emit a yellow to orange light. Features and highlights include:

Security and safety: light your way so that you know exactly where your steps will take you and avoid injury. Let intruders know that if they walk on to your property that they will not be able to hide in darkness.

Ambiance and beauty: the right lighting can completely change the look of a landscape by accentuating its best features.

Motion-activated floodlights: never have to worry about the need to turn on the lights when you need them. These lights will turn on when you need them and make intruders think twice. Added value: the right lighting will add value to your property.

When used together, landscaping and security lighting can increase the protection, charm, ambiance, appeal, and value of your home. Our experts are available to help you shine the spotlight on the path to more beautiful surroundings.


Firmly fixing security lighting at notable heights will deter tampering. They can also be guarded by a metal mesh cage or plastic guards. While spotlights are useful, floodlights are more popular because they illuminate a larger area. Some areas that should be illuminated are fenced-in yards, the areas closest to the house and driveways.

When installing and directing exterior lights, make sure that they properly illuminate the homeowner’s property. However, it is important that they do not shine through the windows of neighboring homes. Initial adjustments can be made during the day, but fine-tuning should be done after dark. If used with security cameras, lights should be placed and adjusted to prevent excessive shadows and glare.


For more details on landscape and security lighting contact our specialists at Andee's Electric LLC today. Our experts will be happy to discuss options and schedule a free, in-home consultation for your next project.

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